Harley Weir - Homes

Harley Weir - Homes Harley Weir - Homes Harley Weir - Homes Harley Weir - Homes Harley Weir - Homes Harley Weir - Homes Harley Weir - Homes Harley Weir - Homes Harley Weir - Homes Harley Weir - Homes Harley Weir - Homes Harley Weir - Homes
  • 64 pages, 42 colour plates, 224 × 285 mm
  • Stapled book with silkscreened and foil embossed cover
  • ISBN 9780993430336
  • First edition published in November 2016, Second edition published September 2018
  • Edited by Sarah Chaplin Espenon
  • Published and Designed by Loose Joints
  • Out of print (last copies available)

Homes by Harley Weir shows photographs made between 17 and 28 October 2016 in the migrant and refugee camps of Calais. Taken immediately before and during the clearing of this provisional settlement, Weir’s images bear witness to the humanity and ingenuity of those living there - constructing the domestic and familiar against a backdrop of displacement.

The photographs show us the homes and private spaces of the camp. In the face of oppression and indifference from those most poised to provide assistance, Homes shows a stubborn commitment to the small, personal spaces of humanity within the Calais camp.

Homes was initially published in November 2016 to raise awareness and funds during the brutal dismantling of the Calais camps and relocation of refugees. The initial run of 500 copies sold within five days, raising €10,000 for La Cimade. In 2018, the situation still persists in Calais but under greater conditions of precariousness and violence. Without organised infrastructure, migrants and aid workers are intimidated and harassed by French police, while access to running water, basic sanitation and healthcare are scarce. 

With the need to raise the visibility of the continued migrant situation in Calais, our reprint of Homes will donate a percentage of proceeds to charities still active in protecting and defending the human rights in the area.

This second edition of Homes also contains three new unseen images and was published to coincide with a large-scale exhibition of the work at Brighton Photo Biennial,  28 September–28 October 2018.

Harley Weir (1988, London) is a British photographer known for creating intimate images in both her personal work and acclaimed editorial and fashion career. Recent projects include her first monograph Paintings (Loose Joints 2017),  photobook Function (Baron 2018) and solo exhibition Boundaries (FOAM Amsterdam 2016).

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